Building your restaurant management system!

Are you the system or do you have a system? If so that means you work way too much and are probably not very effective.


We'll show you how to setup a winning system for your restaurant. "Okay but what does that mean?" I hear you say!


It means that you need to have streamlined systems for every aspect of your restaurant. That will take the "guess work" out of the equation.


Why do we follow a recipe when we cook? Because if you follow it you know what the outcome will be like. Same thing with a system it's a recipe for success. And what we'll show you is what any large restaurant or chain uses.


Your "recipe" book for the system should include: Human resources, Cost controls, Maintenance and security, Marketing and social media, Menu costing and recipes, Customer loyalty, programs, Customer complaints handling, Team growth and development.


In this keynote we will show you what aspects you need to implement to be more productive and make sure your restaurant is the money making machine it should be!


Call to book this keynote: 514-924-2435

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